Clinical trials are decisive and critical as their results have an impact on health of generations to come. Just as there is a need for qualified, experienced and expert hands in the medical field and the pharmaceutical sector, the clinical trial industry being an intermediary between the two, has similar requirements.

MedEx fully comprehends the need to have qualified, dedicated and honest staff handling the clinical trials. Hence we have training programs that empowers clinical trial staff with in-depth knowledge and proficient skill-set that this critical field demands. Each of our personnel plays an vital role in bringing your innovation to life.

All personnel is trained for:

  • History of clinical research
  • The current regulations and legislations of clinical trials
  • Quality management in a clinical trial
  • The international standard that clinical trial procedures to be followed.
  • Human Research Protection Training Program
  • Protocol specific training
  • Ethics committee coordination.
  • Training on documentation and data entry